Tallinn (Estonia)

The city of Tallinn operates a Waste Wolf (Prügihunt) waste awareness campaign, which involves events, competitions, information seminars, public surveys and excursions to waste management facilities (R4R, 2014a). An important component of this campaign is the Sustainable Consumption and Waste Information Trailer which is a mobile learning class for children that is set up alongside Waste Wolf events. Pedagogical materials, including educational play cards and exercise books, are produced and updated every year by the Tallinn Environment Department. Waste Information Trailer presentations are delivered in spring and autumn, either in the trailer or in workshops, and are designed for children in kindergarten and elementary school (1st to 2nd grade). In addition, Waste Wolf visits nursery schools and schools to teach children about how to sort waste, consume and behave in an environmentally responsible manner through the use of games and interviews. Outreach activities are supported by a Waste Wolf mascot, online videos and a Facebook page. In 2013, 320 presentations were delivered and 6 691 children participated in the campaign (see photos below).


Source: R4R (2014).