Berlin (Germany)

BSR, the waste management utility in Berlin, started the Trenntstadt campaign in 2010, aimed at encouraging Berlin citizens to improve on already high (80 %) packaging recycling rates through a trendy campaign. BSR (2013) summarise the following attributes of their effective approach:

  • avoid preaching;
  • present waste sorting – the prerequisite for effective recycling – as a contribution to environmental protection;
  • commend Berliners for their efforts and motivate them to continue waste sorting;
  • use examples from Berlin to highlight issues of environmental protection and resource conservation;
  • in addition to “classic” advertising, use new media, promotions and special campaigns.

The Trenntstadt (Trenntstadt is a pun: Trend = trend, “Trendstadt” = trendy city, trennt = separate) campaign makes extensive use of social media sites, and includes the marketing of attractive recycling storage bags as “fashion accessories” (Figure below).