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Taking into account the reference document on best available techniques in the food, drink and milk industries (FDM BREF)

This best practice is relevant to all food and beverage manufacturers who belong to NACE codes 10 and 11. The focus of this best practice is the implementation of the relevant best available techniques (BAT), or other techniques that can achieve equivalent or higher level of environmental performance, and consider the relevant emerging techniques presented in the "Reference Document on Best Available Techniques in the Food, Drink and Milk Industries (FDM BREF)".

It is applicable to all food and beverage manufacturers, including SMEs, provided that the BAT and emerging techniques are relevant for the activities and processes of the company. Although the BATs described in the FDM BREF were identified for large industrial installations, falling under the scope of the Industrial Emission Directive, they are broadly relevant and often applicable also to smaller industrial production sites. However, the applicability and relevance of any specific technique for a specific company should be assessed on a case-by- case basis. For instance, most techniques would not be applicable to companies producing on a very small scale in a non-industrial facility

For more information on the content of the Best Available Techniques Reference Documents and a full explanation of terms and acronyms, you can refer to the European Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Bureau website:

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